What are the Types of Poker Hands?

Accepting challenges and playing with these, is your passion then poker will be the best option for you. As the game is very old, it is heard that poker has come with the casino. Even before the casino, it was played so hugely that poker is still now used as an icon. Poker can be played by online and land-based casinos both. But according to region, diversity, playing style the poker game is divided into some categories. Here we are discussing the 10 poker hands. These are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, Pairs, and High Card.

10 combinations in poker.

If the player has king, queen, jack, ace, and other ten cards then it is Royal Flush. As the name suggests, it is hard to defeat. When all the cards are there except Ace then it is called Straight Flush. When any of the five cards will be consecutive, then straight flush formation will be completed. You can’t use the Ace card in the middle of the sequence of consecutive series. This is why if you have Royal Flush then no one can beat you. 

If the situation appears like, you have four cards and all of these are with the same values then it is called Four of a Kind. And when among four cards, one is different and the other three have the same values then it is called a Full House. Both of these are quite hard to defeat. All these cards are arranged in a specific order but when it is disturbed then it falls into another category. If you have five cards and those are not arranged in a specific order then it is called a Flush

Straight is the situation when 5 cards are arranged in a specific order. The difference between straight flush and straight is, with the number of cards present. In straight 5 cards will be there whether in straight flush four cards will be there. As the value is decreased, when it turns into three cards with the same value then it is called Three of a Kind. It is also known as Trips. Two Pairs are called the two cards with the same values. The cards at the end turn into two. When the pair of cards have the same value then they are called Pairs

Now when it comes into a tie then the high card is there to solve it. If the player has none of the above cards on the table then it is called a High Card, it is also known as Kicker. The kicker is the only solution to tie problems in a poker game. As you can see how the names are given to each possible type of poker’s hands. The rules are for both online and offline casinos. 

If you want to win every match of poker then practice is the only option. To be a winner in poker is not heard but proper analysis and understanding are needed highly. Do your best to be the winner.