Nathan Gamble is one of the very popular poker players in the world. He is recognized as a brilliant player who can turn the table at any time by his amazing moves and strategy. According to his latest interview, he stated that he has been playing poker since he was just a 13-year-old kid.

These days a great tournament of poker that is WSOP is going on. Nathan bracelet also participated in that tournament. It was a great tournament where the players from only Nevada and New Jersey were allowed to participate in the game. In this tournament, Nathan Gamble won the second world bracelet title in his career.

It was the sixth tournament that was played on Monday night where Nathan Gamble created history again by winning the title a second time in his career. In this gamble, there were 883 participants who tried to get a chance to win that title in their career but out of them, only Nathan could spell the magic once again in his career and won the title. In this 46th game of this series, Nathan won a huge buck of $89,424 as a winning award. 

After winning this title, Nathan shared his experience and memories with the media. In his interview, he talked about when he entered this game and how he was feeling, and since then, what type of changes have come in his mind for this game. In the interview he said, he entered the world of this poker game when he was just a kid of 13 years. He also mentioned how he won the first WSOP title in the year 2017. 

Though he won the title two times, he got a very different approach toward life and game. Recently he started saying in Hawaii and there he also knew the real meaning of life and things. According to him while staying in Hawaii, he realized it’s not just the things around you Which matter a lot for you but it’s the people who stay with you and who feel for you and you feel for them. Though poker is a very important part of his life, it’s not all that matters for him.

There were 126 winners for the game among which the whole winning amount was to be distributed. Nathan Gamble was also one out of those 126 people but the big difference is that he topped the rank out of those 126 people and won the WSOP title once again. 

After him, the second prize was won by a player with the tag “Danish01”. He won the second prize and bagged $ 55,283 for him.

The third position was achieved by “ranman3817”. After getting this poison, he won $38,385.  These were the top three players who won the most of the prize in this tournament. The fourth game was won by “hans digalo” and he won $27,484 for that position. The fifth position was obtained by the player with the tag “bagel bites ” Lam who won $14,484.